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Available Now on Amazon: 'A Truly Limitless Life'

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

I am thrilled to announce that the official release of our book is today! It's currently available now in paperback form on Amazon!

Click the picture above to get your copy today! There is also a link at the end of this post.Disclaimer: the above links are associate links! #ad #commissionsearned.

We started from this measly post about the vulnerability of new motherhood, and now I'm releasing a book on the subject. How did we get here?!

Wasn't October 12th supposed to be the release date?

Yes, it was.

I had set the release date out so far to make room for the marketing, ebook and hardback formatting, and various other tasks. As the school year began to prove itself a busy one, I decided that a limited paperback Amazon release would do just fine!

Also, I have been receiving endless messages asking me if it is out yet, and your excitement made me excited! So, why not make it available now?

I have a new purpose.

When Nicholas was born, I suspected that my favorite part of the journey was going to be advocating for kids with Down syndrome.

I was wrong.

My favorite part of this blessing in disguise has always been supporting other mothers in their early motherhood journey.

I never want a mother to feel as alone as I felt. My wish is that this book allows me to reach mothers on a larger scale.

I'd hoped that a reader didn't have to have a child with Down syndrome to relate to my story, and so far that is the feedback that I've received.

If you're a new mother, no matter your diagnosis or birth stories, please feel free to connect with me!

I absolutely love dissecting the weird transition that is new motherhood with fellow members of the tribe!

Remember to review the book when you're done!

As you begin reading, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. It's the best way to help an independent publisher!

All you need to do is go to the listing and click "Review this product".

To keep an eye out for any giveaways that I do or press related to my book, follow my Instagram accounts: Mary Goewey and Limitless Nicholas.

Want to help even further?

This community has been so supportive of this book release. If you'd like to help even more, here are some ideas!

  • Share share share! Sharing the book on social media will help it get off the ground!

  • Add the book to your Goodreads bookshelf! If you have a review already written, please add that to Goodreads too!

  • Follow my author account on Amazon!

  • I will be doing giveaways, live signing events, interviews, and guest blogs. Follow along with me!

Thank you for participating in my dream

If you don't already know this, I went to college to be a writer. After a few life experiences led me to believe that I was meant to be a teacher, my passion took a back seat to a new passion.

When Nicholas was born, he gave me this amazing gift of an opportunity to write on When Nicholas was born, he gave me this amazing gift of an opportunity to write again o. That's just one of countless ways that he made my dreams come true.

When Marley was born, I knew I had to show her that her mom can accomplish any and all of her lifelong dreams, so that she will grow up wanting the same for herself.

So, I have to give a special shoutout to those two knuckleheads for showing me that our lives are truly limitless as long as we're willing to work hard.

Thank you to everyone who supported me through this project, even if it was simply kind words of excitement while the release date approached.

To reiterate the theme of my book, the community is everything. I couldn't have done this without this community right here.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the book!

Disclaimer: The above links are associate links! #ad #commissionsearned.

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