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How your Amazon reviews help indie authors.

Oh yes, the good and the bad reviews.

One of the hesitations that I had before finishing my memoir was the idea of people giving it a bad review on Amazon. This book is about my life. Are people going to give my life a big "thumbs down" on the most popular website in the world?

That sounds terrifying.

I had to change my mindset because when it comes to reviews on Amazon, it's the quality AND quantity that helps indie authors.

You see, when a book has a lot of reviews, it helps with its "stickiness" on Amazon. For example, if someone just read a book about early motherhood, Amazon will start to recommend books for that reader to read next.

If my book has a lot of reviews, it might end up on that reader's "you may also enjoy..." list.

If it doesn't, it will be lost deep within the Amazon wormhole.

This is why I need some people to receive ARCS or advanced review copies of my book.

What are Advanced Review Copies?

An Advanced Review Copy is a free copy of the book, either in print or ebook form, that is given to someone under the promise of an honest Amazon review.

They are NOT traded for a GOOD review. It is honesty that authors are seeking, and honesty is worth the printing cost of the book.

Wait, why don't you just ask people for a good review in exchange for the free book. Isn't that better?

Not exactly.

If you do that, there are a few things that could and probably will go wrong.

1) Your reviews won't look authentic.

While perusing books on Amazon, it is apparent when all of the reviews are from the family and friends of the author. I bet if you looked hard enough you could find the author's mom in there somewhere.

2) Mislead readers will only leave reviews of disappointment.

If all of your reviews are glowing, and someone reads it and is disappointed, they are going to take their disappointment out on a review of their own, leading to more bad reviews.

Of course, I want you to love my book!

But if you are an ARC reader, don't feel pressure to only leave an absolutely glowing review unless you absolutely feel that way.

I didn't give you a free book with a wink and a presumption that you're going to give me five stars.

It is the fact that I received a review at all that counts.

How to be a great ARC reviewer

Here's the thing, you can't post your review until the book is published and live on Amazon. But, you're going to read and review the book long before then. So...

1) You have to write the review early and then promise to copy and paste it into the reviews once the book is live!

This could be months later! Many authors report that people never end up posting their reviews. Yikes!

2) You have to actually read the book...

This may seem obvious, but the more detailed a review is, the more it will help someone who might purchase the book in the future.

3) Sharing is caring

If you read my book and love it, share it on social!

Disclaimer: I will likely not read any reviews.

If you're worried that I will be upset with your review of my book, don't be.

The truth is, I have to protect my mental health on this one. I am afraid of reading bad reviews about my life, so I won't be reading many of them at all.

It took me a very long time to regularly read comments posted on Limitless Nicholas, and I can only imagine the same will apply here.

The only way I might be disappointed is if you don't leave a review at all!

Are you interested in receiving an ARC copy of A Truly Limitless Life?

Head to the "contact me" form on my homepage and say so!

There are limited copies available for this, so I can only take a limited number of people.

As always, I appreciate your support throughout this crazy journey!

If you are chosen as an ARC reader, PLEASE don't forget to post your review on release day!

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